One of the functions of this website is to provide, free of charge, detailed reviews of the Holocaust and of the general phenomenon of Jew-hatred that brought it about. To this end, we are providing the full text of two booklets written by Paul Kopperman. The first, The Holocaust: What It Was - Why It Was - Why It is Remembered, is intended as an overview - brief, but not so brief as to be simplistic or excessively general. The other, "Ashes and Smoke": The Holocaust in Its History, is more detailed. Both of these booklets were published in late 2003 by the Anti-Defamation League. As published, they were illustrated, but as they appear here the illustrations have been suppressed, in part to reduce the size of the files, in part to protect photos that are not public domain. Readers who wish to obtain illustrated versions should contact the ADL.

The Holocaust: What it Was, Why it Was, Why it is Remembered

The Holocaust: What it Was, 
Why it Was, Why it is Remembered

(PDF 2.9 Mb)

Ashes and Smoke

Ashes and Smoke: 
The Holocaust in its History

(PDF 4.8 Mb)

The Holocaust:  Essentials

The Holocaust: Essentials

(PDF 128 Kb)

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