The Holocaust was not the only campaign engineered by the Nazis and their allies outside Germany that targeted civilians. Another episode of genocide was the “Porrajmos” (“the devouring”), an assault on the Romani peoples of Europe (often called the “Gypsies”) that resulted in the death of more than half their number. As was the case with the Jews, the Roma had long suffered persecution and frequent violence in the past, and they are often discriminated against in contemporary Europe, as well.

Carol Silverman is a professor of Anthropology at the U. of O. who specializes in Romani society and culture. Her talk at OSU will focus on the Porrajmos, but she will also discuss the general history of persecution of, and violence toward, the Roma, including present-day discrimination in Europe.


Photo of Carol Silverman at book signing
Public Talk: Carol Silverman
OSU, Memorial Union, Multipurpose Room 13
Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 19:30